Held during 25 to 27 March 2015, Kochi, India, the three day workshop on sustainable transport solutions workshop gathered various stakeholders regarding urban transport in the city and international expert organizations to discuss on possible solutions that can resolve the overwhelmed transport demand.ap 2

Kochi has been selected as one of the take up city under Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban transportation (SOLUTIONS) funded by European Commission implemented by Wuppertal institute with over 20 international transport research and expert partner organizations.

The three day interactions and workshop being organized by Cochin City Corporation and ICLEI – South Asia included

  • Interactions with various departments responsible for urban transport development in Kochi while building greater connections, exchange and engagement among city teams and expert group’s and serve as the key mechanism to deliver solutions exchange and learning.
  • Strengthening city governments agenda on improving the transport situation
  • Deliberations for a recommendations document being compiled under the project to be put forward to city government and various department proposals for improving urban transport.

Workshop on sustainable transport solutions included three days of brainstorming and interactive sessions with discussions on various issues that city is currently facing and proposals that are under way to resolve the same. On day 1, the expert team visited and interacted with city transport authorities and organizations, on day 2 a brainstorming and interactive discussion was organized and on day 3 the expert representatives shared their thoughts with city representative and stakeholders for future transport in the city of Cochin. Key representatives from the project visiting the city included:


  1. Dr Thierry Goger, Secretary General, FEHRL
  2. Dr. Florian Kressler , AustriaTECH
  3. Oliver Lah, Wuppartal Institute
  4. Benjamin Schreck, BAST
  5. Sameera Ananthapur, Clean Air Asia
  6. Pawan Mulakutla, Ranjana Menon from Embarq India
  7. Ashish Rao Ghorpade, Ranjith Parvathapuram from ICLEI – South Asia