The world famous Architect Smt. Patricia Fels in association with c-hed had made a detailed study about the vernacular mosques in Cochin and published the same as a book named “Mosques of Cochin” in association with Mapin Publication.

Mosques of Cochin is an invaluable contribution the documents the surviving vernacular mosques, which stand as powerful and visible expressions of Islam’s integration into the culture of Malabar. Mosques of Cochin help in understanding the cultural and social value of the traditional architecture of Kerala. The book documents a rapidly vanishing architecture of the vernacular mosques in Cochin.


As part of the book launch, a detailed discussion on the challenges of maintaining the old mosques in Cochin had been held in association with c-hed. A detailed presentation on the book was made by the author Patricia Tusa Fels.

The entire programme was coordinated by c-hed.