The Kochi Municipal Corporation had conducted a water quality analysis as part of the Water Policy project for the City. The analysis was carried out by the Water Institute of the SCMS College. Presence of coliform bacteria, nitrate and iron was detected in the drinking water in the analysis. The contact of sewage water directly with the ground water has resulted in this contamination. Since presence of coliform bacteria was reported from water samples collected, experts suggested to use boiled water.

Water Audit (2)

The samples were collected by the trained volunteers of Kudumbashree. They had collected samples from bore wells and surface wells of the 74 wards of the Kochi Municipal Corporation. A survey on the water use pattern is progressing. Based on this water quality analysis and water use pattern, the water policy for the city will be formulated.

The entire project is being coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.