The city of Cochin is a land of cultural ethnicity and diversity.  From time immemorial, this land has attracted traders and seafarers who made Cochin their home. Today it has the most diversified society with Gujarathi, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali, Kannada, Tulu, Jewish etc. contributing substantially to Cochin’s cultural growth. Each of these traditions preserved their rich cultural ethnicity, to bring  Cochin its’ unity in diversity’.

With an aim to understand, study, document, promote, integrate, conserve animage043d protect Cochin’s pluralistic ethnic diversity through cultural integration programmes and festivals, ched along with the Cochin Municipal Corporation, in association with Bharath Bhavan, had organised a cultural fiesta – Bharath Fest 2003.

The c-hed had co-ordinated and initiated this program for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.