Students are the future of a nation. The role that they play in developing a nation is huge. They are the greatest power house of information and our asset for the future. The ill-effects of globalization has led to neglect and lack of interest in Heritage among student community.  One must remember that what is lost today due to ignorance, lack of awareness or concern, cannot be recovered, be it the environment or a historical monument.

The c-hed considers it as very important to engage the College Student Community to preserve and manage the rich Cultural and Natural Heritage of our land. To impart the basic training in heritage management techniques, c-hed has been conducting a month long ‘On the Job Training’ for students from various Colleges in and around Cochin.

This training session inspires students to appreciate their natural and cultural Heritage and feel responsible to protect the same. The c-hed has so far trained around 1000 college students from various colleges under Mahatma Gandhi University.