Rivers are important from hydrological, economic and ecological point of view. They are the very system that support the people and environment that survive on it. The river basins across globe are facing major environmental problems and the threats are mounting as days pass by.

kochi2Deforestation, for urban, industrial and agricultural use; Pollution from agricultural chemicals, industrial processes; and Climate change -has added up to the threats faced by river and river basins.

Thus there is a need to spread awareness among children and teach them to collaborate with nature by appreciating and respecting this natural resource.

The c-hed in association with The Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH) has been conducting Summer River Camps for students of South India, in this regard. The primary objective of the camp is to expose 11th and 12th standard students to field-orienkochi1ted nature programs, natural heritage of rivers and problems faced by people living along the rivers.