Under the c-hed’s initiative a national workshop on formulation of vision document and strategic plan for Cochin City with a vision period of 20 years was organized in the year 2003. The  recommendations of this seminar were the basis of the Vision Document prepared for Cochin City. image017On the basis of this vision document the Government of Kerala gave administrative sanction for the Kochi Municipal Corporation to prepare a master plan for the city on its own.

The Kochi Municipal Corporation entrusted c-hed to co-ordinate and facilitate the entire process of Preparation of the Master Plan for Cochin City.  The Master Plan for the city was prepared with a vision period of 20 years for the horizon year 2026.  The scope of the Master Plan was restricted to the Corporation limits, spanning an area of 94.88 sq. km.   The Master Plan was a multidimensional exercise and comprises studies on various aspects of the city viz. Regional Framework, Land Use Plan, Physical- Infrastructure, Population Projections & Occupational Pattern, Shelter, Industry, Environment, Built Heritage, Tourism, Urban Design, Transportation, Social Infrastructure and Resource Mobilization for implementation of the projects identified.

From the year 2005 January onwards up to December 2008 c-hed had been fully involved in the process of the preparation of the master plan. After completing a major portion of the work, the entire process and products were handed over to the Regional Town Planning Department for further work.

Heritage Study for the Master Plan

The c-hed had carried out a comprehensive Heritage study to be included as a chapter in the master plan.