One of the most important projects carried out by the c-hed is the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the above mentioned Broadway and Ernakulam Market Heritage Urban Renewal Project. The c-hed had been entrusted with the task of preparing the DPR of the aboveimage014 project by the Kochi Municipal Corporation. With the support of a dedicated team of Technical and Management experts the c-hed could complete this major work in a short span of one year.

The project area comprises of separate character zones namely; the Broadway, the Ernakulam Market, and a few indistinct smaller urban fabric patches that fail to qualify the entire zone into a consistent urban character district. The urban design agenda for the area is to integrate these sub-districts into a cohesive whole. This is being done by letting the people who use these spaces to come together in a new and contiguous spatial network. This new network is established by redesigning the two basic character districts within the zone (1) by creating a new urban place which is at the confluence of various streams of pedestrian flows, by reinforcing existing underutilized vehicular connections (2) by creating new pedestrian linkages to the core from surrounding areas of high pedestrian traffic.image015

These form the sub-projects or modules of the overall design intervention.  Along-with these physical design interventions, a management/policy based intervention strategy is also being put in place under the following head;

  • Heritage Conservation strategy
  • Waste Management strategy
  • Traffic and Circulation Management strategy
  • Vendor and Street hawkers management Strategy (based on National Policy on Urban Street Vendors)