image031This is one of the biggest heritage conservation projects conceived to protect the rich cultural and natural heritage of Fort Cochin and Mattanchery. The project was initiated by the c-hed and the UNESCO has given full support and assistance in the preparation of DPR for the above and the implementation of the same. The experts from UNESCO has already started working on the same and a pilot project in this regard is already prepared.image030

The salient features of this venture are as follows:

      1. Preservation of the de-limitated territory of the heritage zone and its sustainable management.
      2. Assessment and sharing of qualities and values of the heritage area.
      3. Conservation of the historic fabric of the old town whilst improving and promoting the site as a bustling living and working city.
      4. Ensuring development is achieved in a manner which enhances the overall value of the environment.
      5. Improving the urban environment-streets and public space – the economy and housing. Pursuing the creative and compatible mix of functions.
      6. Maintain and enhance the composite cultural diversity and social coherence of the historic city.

The project is in its initial stages and the Government of Kerala has agreed to sanction Rs 50 crore for the implementation of this project.