The costs of Kerala is bordered by 29 – backwaters running parallel to the shoreline. The water quality of these backwaters is deteriorating due to population explosion, rapid urbanization, industrialization, silting and agricultural activities.

imagesThe city of Cochin has a good network of inland waterway system consisting of backwaters, canals and chain of lagoons. National waterway No. 3 connecting Kollam and Kottappuram pass through the region.

The rapid urbanization and encroachment has threatened the very existence of this fragile ecosystem. Environmental problems such as pollution, land reclamation, agricultural and industrial developments seriously threaten the backwaters. Human interferences have contributed much to the serious alterations in the Cochin backwater system. Recognizing the importance of the significant role played by backwaters, the need to protect it emerges.

In order to understand the issues pertaining to the backwaters, the c-hed has initiated a study to identify the concern. The project is ongoing.