The proper and safe method of disposal of used sanitary napkins has been a major hurdle faced by city administrations the world over. Used sanitary feminine napkins are usually considered as residual waste, that is not compostable or recyclable and, therefore goes to dump-sites and landfills. It plays a major role in the clogging of our city drainage and sewage systems; facilitating the spread of various epidemics due to the presence of bacterial  body fluids in the napkin.

Thus there is a need to address this important menace of sanitary waste disposal effectively. The Kochi Municipal Corporation has been trying to educate and spread awareness among children about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. As a part of its commitment towards keeping the city clean and hygienic, a novel scheme was announced for disposal of sanitary napkins by the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

c-hed has initiated the project for tackling this looming danger of improper disposal of used sanitary napkins and install used sanitary pad disposer in schools falling under the city administration. The project is ongoing.