The city of Cochin revels in being a metropolitan where diverse cultures coexist without tampering the rich history of the city. Fort Cochin and Mattanchery are historic towns brimming with tales of myriad seafaring visitors from around the world who arrived here for trade and eventually settled down on these charming lands. It is home to many historically important and architecturally diverse buildings.

However with the passage of time, these buildings are deteriorating. The c-hed has been preparing a detailed conservation projects for many important built structures in the Fort Cochin-Mattancherry Heritage area as well as in other locations.

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One such project is the conservation of the Fort Cochin Zonal Office of the Kochi Municipal Corporation. This perhaps is one of the most intensely used structures of the Heritage Zone. Due to the constant use and neglect, the structure is in a deteriorating condition and has started to degrade rapidly. The project has been initiated to preserve and protect such historically important structures in the Heritage Zone.