This is one of the principal projects that the c-hed had undertaken to conserve and develop the Ernakulam Heritage Zone which is the heart of today’s City of Cochin. Most work places such as administrative and institutional centre and market places are located here. It is the central spine, identified as an area of intense cultural expression forming the base for the initial studies, documentation, conservation and integration to present development trends of the city.

The City’s widely used parks and public open spaces are located defining the landward edge of this zone, which connects the city to its natural heritage of backwaters. Many cultural and religious institutions with some of the oldest temples, churches, mosques and synagogues also become part of this heritage zone. Heritage structures, which represent many cultural and ethnic groups who have come and settled here during its history, are spread all over.

City level institutions such as the Kochi Municipal Corporation, GIDA etc culminate at the northern part with the High Court complex of the state and Mangalavanam – an ecological patch of land. Most of all, the city’s breathing spaces such as the Subhash Park, The walkway at Marine Drive and the Durbar Hall Ground etc are situated here.