Cities are rightly called the economic generators of a country. For sustaining their growth the cities have to be efficient and competitive. In order to equip the cochin1city face the challenges of urbanization, proper and efficient system needs to be introduced.

Cochin, the commercial capital of the state of Kerala has been growing rapidly. It revels in being a choice destination for a wide range of industries from tourism, Shipping and Information Technology to International trade and Bio-technology.This metropolitan in the recent years has been witnessing major developments, making it one of the fastest growing second-tier metro cities in India.

The City Development Plan for Cochin, aims at improving urban governance and management, increasing investments to ensure employment potential and expand services including systematic and sustained urban poverty reduction.

The c-hed had played an important role in the preparation of the City Development Plan (CDP) for Cochin City as part of the JnNURM programme. Besides coordinating the entire process, the  c-hed had also provided academic support. Tourism and Heritage, the two major chapters in the CDP, were prepared exclusively by the c-hed.