Pallath Raman Memorial is a public space located in one of the oldest part of the city, in Veli- Fort Cochin. Owned by the Kochi Municipal Corporation and operated through c-hed, it is a part of the Heritage Zone and is adjacent to many historical monuments and structures.

During our effort to conserve and exhibit our heritage and culture, Fort Cochin has always lacked organized public spaces for live cultural exhibitions. Pallath Raman was built to take up this role.

One of the first projects for which the c-hed had prepared a DPR was for the Pallath Raman Public Space Landscape at Fort Cochin Heritage Zone. c-hed had also mobilized funds for the execution and implementation  of this project. This is one of the most prestigious institutions that the c-hed manages at present. Around 200 children are undergoing  training in this campus in various art forms.

Pallath Raman Memorial Culture Centre is a classic example of premises management abilities of the c-hed.