An ecologically sensitive small patch of mangrove forest and nesting grounds for a variety of migratory birds, Mangalavanam is the green lumangalavanam 3ng of Cochin City. It has stood sentinel in the muddy waters near the city coast, trapping pollutants washed down from the land into the bay waters. An ecologically sensitive area, it is home to many species of birds and fishes.

It gained its importance as a habitat for various species of migratory birds as they come in for breeding every year. This fragile system needs extra protection as the recent high-rising buildings in the nearby areas have curtailed the movement of birds in the sanctuary.

Roxy MathewThe c-hed has taken the initiative for highlighting the issue of the protection of Mangalavanam and now the forest department has begun the actual protection and conservation work. c-hed extends all assistance of the conservation of all agencies and officials involved in the protection of Mangalavanam.