Cochin has a spectacular heritage of cultural expressions across many art forms and customs. The city has a secular, multicultural and diverse community. Amidst all major developments, the need for preserving, promoting and propagating the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the city is necessary. The role played by cultural institutions in this regard is worth mentionipallath-raman-cultural-centreng.

The c-hed has been given the mandate to manage various cultural institutions under the Kochi Municipal Corporation which includes the Pallath Raman Cultural centre, Veli, Fort Cochin, P.J Antony Memorial Centre, Pachalam, Vylopilly Samskarika Kendram, Kaloor etc. At Pallath Raman Cultural Centre, a performing arts centre called ‘Kalagramam’ is functioning well and a proposal for building a world class performance centre is being planned at Pachalam.