The city of Cochin, well known for its rich heritage and pluralistic culture, has been influenced by various cultures and nationalities, leaving their impressions in the fields of architecture, arts, crafts, cultural and heritage institutions.

Tracking and documenting of heritage footprints of a city is an important task. Documentation and listing done in this regard is of great significance as it is from this platform that the heritage conservation efforts are built up.

The c-hed has been into such a project which would form the base for various major heritage conservation projects.

This project, initiated by c-hed, has been going on for the last couple of years. The project includes the detailed survey and documentation of heritage of Cochin including natural features and resources, cultural, environment and built heritage, cultural traditions and institutions.

image020                                                 image021

Maps of Cochin in Portuguese Period & Dutch Period

image022                                               image023

British Period Plan for Willingdon Island