The much needed requirement for Urban Public Spaces for the City of Cochin, which is otherwise getting reduced to the Parks on the western water edge of the city, is alive with new rays of hope. Padmasarovaram is conceived primarily to address the issue of lack of city level public space in the dense urban fabric and residential patterns of the city.


The proposal looks at the marshy land close to the scenic urban water edge at the heart of the city’s residential area between Vyttila and Elamkulam connecting the Sahodaran Ayyappan Road (S A Road) and Subhash Chandra Bose Road (S C B Road), serving not only its surrounding urban area, but the entire city and the region. The idea is to gradually transform this marshy land into a major urban environmental reserve and recreational center. The project is conceived to have passive and hybrid recreational facilities, which is going to make it a major tourism hot spot of the City.

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