Thevara-Perandoor Canal Restoration

Photo Competition Announcement


The Centre for Heritage, Environment, and Development is hosting a Photo Contest aimed at both professional and amateur photographers within the aspirational community of creators. The objective is to showcase significant narratives of the Thevara Perandoor Canal and influence public perception of it through the universal language of imagery.

Even the most ordinary objects and moments can become extraordinary when seen through the lens of a creator.

This contest invites creators of all ages and backgrounds to share their unique stories of the Thevara Perandoor Canal, Kochi through captivating and emotive imagery. Over its history, the contest shall encourage the exchange of diverse and compelling photographs with a wide audience.

The theme of the contest, “Capturing Time: A Photographic Journey of Thevara-Perandoor Canal,” encourages participants to explore topics and concepts that are meaningful and resonate with the theme of growth and evolution, both in the present and over time. We challenge you to approach this theme with creativity and innovation.

We hope you view this contest as an opportunity to express your perception and stories of the Thevara Perandoor Canal, using your innate creative power through the medium of photography.

The contestants are allowed to submit a maximum of 4 photographs to narrate the story. The photographs should be accompanied with a title and a story narrative of maximum 200 words.

Competition Period

The Competition begins on 5th June 2024, and closes at 11.59 p.m. of 30th June 2024. The final announcement of winners will be made on 25 August 2024 by the Hon’ble Mayor in the presence of the officials from UNEP online.

Digital Image Requirements

The photo shall be taken relating to Thevara-Perandoor Canal.

  1. Each Image should be submitted in JPEG format in a minimum dimension of 3,000 pixels. A high-resolution version of the photograph may be requested for exhibition and relevant purposes.
  2. Each image should be submitted with a maximum 200-word caption in English or Malayalam explaining the story behind the image that relevant to canal restoration, indicating where and when the image was

Photo Competition Prizes

The competition is open to all. The winners will be awarded cash prizes and certificates. The first prize winner will be awarded Rs 10000/-, Second prize winner Rs 6000/- and Third Prize winner Rs 4000/-.

Copyright and usage rights

By entering, the entrants automatically accept the conditions of the competition and they grand c-hed a non-exclusive, non-irrevocable copyright to reproduce, publish, and display submitted images with credits to the photographer, for media coverage and promotional materials of the event and future competitions, and for science communication and educational activities across social medias.No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes.


Submit the image in required format with story to [email protected] by 11.59 p.m. (30st June 2024)