A non-profit organization that has been working to promote local democracy in low and middle income countries, The Swedish International Center for Local Democracy ICLD aims to alleviate poverty, mainly through promoting democracy and democratic processes at local levels. For  ICLD, local democracy principally concerns strengthening local institutions, issues regarding decentralization, local autonomy, citizen influence and collaboration between various participants.

ICLD serves as a Center of Knowledge providing International training program and initiating Municipal Partnership Programs to support development co-operation between Swedish municipalities, regions, county councils and similar bodies in about 20 developing countries.

A match making conference was organized by ICLD in order to explore the common challenges Indian and Sweden have at the local level and how to develop together to improve Service Delivery and amenities to its residents. The trip consisted of conferences, workshops and study visits in Cochin, Kerala. The Municipalities that participated from Sweden were Kumla, Lomma, Härryda and Malmö Municipality and the County of Värmland.

c-hed has been closely associating with ICLD for Muncipal Partnership Programme with the city of Cochin.

Sweden ICLD