Rightly called the Queen of the Watering Places, the twin cities of Brighton and Hove is a city with spectacular contrast, variety and vibrancy. There is a magnetic attraction to this city.

c-hed had coordinated the partnership with the twin town of Brighton and Hove in UK. As a result of which a partnership agreement between Brighton and Hove Council, UK and the Kochi Municipal Corporation  was initiated to develop projects and use sustainable master plan for Cochin. This program had been designed under the Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme (CLGGPS), to support the exchange of experience and expertise between local authorities across the Commonwealth.

The partnership concentrated on sharing the experience of Brighton and Hove in developing a holistic tourism strategy, including street cleanliness, transport and checking air pollution. The association also focused on developing necessary skills and formulation of a tourism strategy for Cochin and a pledge for clean canals.