The  historic port-city of Cochin located on the Malabar coast in the state of Kerala, has some of the very first vernacular mosques, which reveals a distinctive bequest.The surviving mosques of Cochin are a part of the rich cultural history of the Malabar Coast of India. It stands as powerful visible expression of integration of two different cultures. Many of these fine old mosques have recently been demolished or remodeled, and replaced by  concrete Cochin-11-jpg_085952MosquesofCochin04structures.

” Mosques of Cochin” documents the surviving vernacular mosques, highlighting the beauty and historical importance of the mosque architecture of Kerala. The book aims at bringing greater recognition to these remarkable structures constructed by merchants, laborers and artisans. It also brings to our notice the vernacular heritage and its architecture that remained vernacularly secular in spirit. The book brings recognition to these vernacular mosques as highly valued resources.